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Our Solutions for Gas Stations
Our Solutions for Gas Stations

Istanbul Vinç cooperates with many gas stations in totem works, advertising dressings, foil stretching and lighting maintenance and repairs. The most important reasons why Petrol Ofisi, BP , OPET, TOTAL and Aytemiz gas stations prefer us for their work are due to their meticulous work on occupational safety. Our ability to provide all security and periodic maintenance documents and to provide uninterrupted service with our 7 branches throughout Turkey is reserved. Of course, the high-performance operation of our machines, as well as the wideness of our machine park, provide comfort to the users and save the time and effort they will spend to adjust each machine from a separate place.


Mostly, our 45-ton cranes, 27m baskets and scissor lifts are used in gas station works. Work safety experts of these stations only allow the use of Mantall and Dingli scissor lifts. The most important factor in this is that these machines have the important safety equipment they provide.

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